Police Complaints

ABQ Transit Security Standard Operating Procedures

The Albuquerque Transit Department maintains a staff of security guards who enforce city rules and regulations on city busses and at city bus stations. The security guards are not law enforcement officers, but they frequently effect citizen arrests and use force against people they detain.

This document lays out the Standard Operating Procedures of this pseudo-police department.

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An index and commentary on the SOPs follows.

Index to the Standard Operating Procedures

Considering that this document purports to regulate the conduct of city employees who carry weapons and use force to arrest people, it is almost laughably inadequate. It comprises a rather haphazard collection of memos and documents cribbed from other agencies. Extremely unbalanced, it devotes dozens of pages to such trivialities as appropriate footwear, safe ladder usage, and bicycle riding while offering only a scant few paragraphs on arrest procedures and use of force. The title page is hand-written in magic marker.

We have prepared an unofficial index that may be of use to people seeking specific info in the document. The document itself is poorly organized, lacking paragraph numbers or even any consistent page numbering scheme, so the page numbers here refer only to the electronic page numbers in the electronic document. They have no significance internal to the document itself.

4Emergency Situation Codes and Descriptions
7Fire Protection
10Emergency Contacts
13Use of Tape Recorders (page missing?)
16Legal Aspects: City Rules and Regulations
17Legal Aspects: Civil Wrongs
17Legal Aspects: Criminal Wrongs
17Legal Aspects: Arrests
19Legal Aspects: Physical Force
20Legal Aspects: Deadly Force
21Two-way radios
27Patrolling: Corrective Action
29Emergency Pull Stations or Pull Buttons
49Family Leave Act Policies and Procedures
53Dispatch and Emergency Duty Responsibilities
58Respect for Judicial Process and Court
61Removal of Unauthorized Personnel
63Mobile & Bus Security General Directives
65Procedures for Use of Force
66Bomb Searches
69Searches, Animal Assisted
70Loading Zones
72Bicycle Use Guidelines