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Akeem Powdrell

ABQ Transit Security Guard

Can't find any recent arrests by this officer.

The latest from Akeem Powdrell

  • If there wasn't security on these busses or at the stops no one would be safe. i used to frequently ride the busses and i have seen both of these officers maintaining the peace. it's funny how the "witness" to all of this was obviously intoxicated and slurring his words. Akeem Powdrell has always been kind and polite. but he does have a job to do and i believe he does it well. Leave these guys alone you expect them to keep the busses safe and give them no authority to do so. they put thier lives on the line everyday just like police officers and deal with criminals just the same without the proper equiptment. sorry but pepper spray isn't going to protect them from a bullet!

  • I am very upset to hear that you are even suggesting that this officer was in any way in the wrong. From what i saw on the video was that this officer was tending to other business and saw his partner in a scuffle and he assisted him in detaining the suspect. I have had interaction with this officer and he was very professional. I am an older woman and sometimes my legs don't work so well and Officer Powdrell will always offer a had to help me get on or off a bus whenever he is around. i sure hope i can count on him still being around for he truly is a blessing. thank you for listening to the ramblings of an old woman.

  • He didn't see his partner "in a scuffle" he saw his partner attack someone! There's strict liability for citizens arrests. You better be sure!

  • From what i saw he was trying to detain what he saw as a suspect and neutralize the situation. You even hear his voice saying stop. and they have the right to detain individuals.