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Phetamphone 'Bobby' Pholphiboun

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Can't find any recent arrests by this officer.

The latest from Phetamphone 'Bobby' Pholphiboun

  • This guy is a bad ass!

  • Great picture of Officer Pholphiboun!! This was taken from a news interview where he and a fellow officer went out of their way to help an elderly citizen who had just been robbed. They gave her cash OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS and gathered donations from local stores!! Two first class officers if you ask me! By the looks of this site, I'm sure this is the last type of comment you were looking for but guess what, it's the TRUTH.

  • The anonymous commenter, "NOYB", sent us an anonymous email five minutes later with a picture of someone giving us the middle finger. We appreciate all our readers, commenters and correspondents!

  • Glad you like the page Kristy! I agree that officers Pholphiboun and Lujan did a great thing. I nominated them for the Mayor's Hero of the Week recognition, as I'm sure many people did, and I'm glad they were recognized for their kindness.

  • Thank you for nominating them, Mike! Those two deserved it!