DB Error: unknown error

[db_error: message="DB Error: unknown error" code=-1 mode=return level=notice prefix="" info="select 
	a.id, cops.first_name, cops.last_name, cops.agency, 
	date_format(a.date, '%a %b %e') as date_f, 
	p.race as arrestee_race,
	concat(p.first_name, ' ' , p.last_name) as arrestee_name,
	a.location, group_concat( s.description separator ', ') as charges 
arrest_records.arresting_officers o
join arrest_records.charges c
on o.arrest_id = c.arrest_id
join arrest_records.statutes s
on c.statute = s.statute
join arrest_records.arrests a 
on o.arrest_id = a.id
JOIN arrest_records.arrestees p
on a.person_id = p.id
join arrest_records.cops
on o.cop_id = cops.id

a.date > date_sub(curdate(), interval 1 month)
'adam' like concat(cops.first_name, '%')
cops.last_name = 'casaus'

group by a.id
order by a.date desc
 [nativecode=1030 ** Got error 28 from storage engine]"]