Citizen Complaints Investigated by Trey Flynt

Trey Flynt is under investigation for selling counterfeit merchandise. He works in the Independent Review Office investigating citizen complaints against police officers. These are just a few of the complaints he has investigated. Now that Flynt’s integrity and honesty has been called so seriously into question, the citizens and officers in these complaints might deserve an appeal and a re-investigation.

Incident:     Published:

CPC 051-11: Sgt Arturo Sanchez transports child without seatbelt

The citizen alleges that Sergeant Sanchez was rude and failed to put his child in a seatbelt.

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CPC 028-11: Creeper cop passes around woman's booking photo

While Officer Daniel Webster failed to list a woman's iPod under inventory, Officer Daniel Lopez passes around her booking photo.

Incident:     Published:

CPC 020-11: Citizen complains of being pulled off the bus for no reason

Citizen complains she was taken off the bus, and thrown to the ground.

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CPC 316-05: Officer Hindi accused of being uninterested and rude

Officer Steve Hindi was complained about for allegedly being uninterested and rude.