Police Complaints

Daniel Galvan Refuses to Investigate an Assault and Battery

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Complainant: Redacted

After city security guards attack a man for filming them, officer Daniel Galvan refuses to interview witnesses and threatens the victim with arrest.

Summary of Allegations:

This complaint stems from an incident we reported in our exclusive report, City employee attacks man with camera. The complaint alleges 12 violations of Standard Operating Procedures by officers Daniel Galvan and Amy Markwick, including illegal arrest, failure to investigate, violation of civil rights, unprofessional behavior, and more.

From the complaint:

Another witness approached and told Galvan that Andy [Fitzgerald] had committed an act of excessive force against me. The first witness, Mr [B], commented that this excessive force was the reason the police had been called. I asked Galvan to get the second man’s name and phone number so that he could act as a witness for me. Galvan shouted violently at me “Shut up!” Then Galvan made the witness leave the scene. He never interviewed this witness nor obtained his contact information. As a result, I was never able to learn the man’s name or contact information.

Summary of Findings:

Complaint still under investigation by the Independent Review Officer.