Police Complaints

CPC 232-08: Officer Hindi beats and insults a citizen and her brother

Date of Incident or Complaint:
Date Published or Updated on Web Site:

Officer Hindi accused of beating and insulting a citizen and her brother in front of other officers, who were apparently laughing at the situation.

Summary of Allegations:

The citizen and her brother were pulled over for unlit headlights, which they contested. Hindi arrested them for refusal to obey, and physically struck them both, and pulled them out of their van, causing injury. The surrounding officers are alleged to have pulled the two out using excessive force, and laughed when Hindi insulted the citizen’s brother.

Summary of Findings:

Hindi’s use of excessive force is not sustained due to the information being impossible to evaluate.
Hindi’s use of profane language is sustained.
Hindi’s recorder malfunctioning is sustained.
The two other officer’s mentioned and their use of excessive force is not sustained, for the same reason as Hindi’s.
Another officer’s “snide language” is not sustained, due to a lack of independent evidence.

  • he's patrolling around punch drunk from too many blows to the head.