Police Complaints

CPC 191-09: Bike cops patrol and arrest

Date of Incident or Complaint:
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Complainant: Redacted

Bike cops arrest a man and woman, with additional charges of child abuse and battery.

Summary of Allegations:

Did Officer Brian Pitzer have probable cause to approach and arrest the citizens? Was there grounding in the charges for battery to an officer and child abuse?

Did the officers use excessive force when arresting the man?

Was Officer Pitzer profane?

Should the officers be punished for not recording the incident?

Did the officers call appropriate care for an injured arrestee?

Did the backup officers legally search the apartment of the complainant’s sister?

Where the officers wearing their name tags during the incident?

Should the officers have taped the duration of the search of the apartment?

Was one of the searching officers rude and disrespectful?

Summary of Findings:

Although the complainant stated that there was no reason for the officers to approach her and her party, the man did admit to having marijuana in the car. An eyewitness and the paramedics confirmed this. The eyewitness also said she saw the complainant trying to interfere with the arrest of the man, which is where the battery charge originated. The subsequent of child abuse was given because The child was on the man’s lap when the officers approached, and was exposed to drugs. This issue was exonerated.

The complainant reported that the officers began to beat the man for no reason, dragging him a long distance and smashing his face into the pavement. She emphasized that he was not fighting back and that he was knocked unconscious. She claimed that she had stayed a distance from the officers, but the witness states the opposite. The officers said that the man was prepared to fight him, and that they were only trying to put him in handcuffs. The man had injuries, but not ones that suggested being dragged or having his face repeatedly bashed into concrete. He claimed to never be unconscious. There is no other independent evidence because the officers did not call for backup immediately and didn’t have their belt tapes running. This issue was exonerated.

There was no belt tape running to record any foul language from Pitzer, and the only one who claimed to have heard it was the complainant. Some of her statements had already proved to be uncredible, and so this issue was not sustained.

Officer Pitzer stated that he sensed a problem as he approached the scene and that should have triggered an activation of a belt tape. However, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) did not require it, and so neither can be punished. This issue was exonerated.

The complainant stated that the officers ignored the man’s pleas for medical attention, and transported him to containment immediately. There is a paramedic report on the scene that confirms the man was treated immediately and complained of no serious injuries. The paramedics decided he was not in need of hospitalization. This issue was exonerated.

The officers obtained permission from the complainant’s sister to enter the apartment, but they did not tell her they were searching for a missing child until after they were inside. They had no warrant, but they were within Standard Operating Procedures to search if someone was in danger and if they had no intentions to detain anyone inside. This issue was exonerated.

The complainant states that the officers refused to identify themselves and weren’t wearing their name tags. There was no proof of this, and so this issue was exonerated.

Both the searching officers claimed to have recorded the search, but did not think it was necessary for them to tag it into evidence. They were satisfied that they got permission from the apartment tenant,and did not think she would complain. Standard Operating Procedures, however, requires them to record the duration of any search, no matter how peaceful. This issue was sustained.

The complainant stated that an officer did not allow her to witness the search, did not introduce himself, looked down her shirt, and left abruptly. There is no evidence of this, and so this issue was not sustained.