Police Complaints

CPC 190-09: 4 officers forget to record a suicide attempt

Date of Incident or Complaint:
Date Published or Updated on Web Site:
Complainant: Redacted

Four officers responded to the call of attempted suicide, but none turned in a belt tape or digital recording.

Summary of Allegations:

Did Officer Velasquex write a report on the case, seeing as it was an attempted suicide?

Did Officers Burt, C. Vaughn, McDonnell and Velasquex activate their digital recorders for the incident?

Did the officers harm the complainant?

Did Officer Velasquex conduct himself professionally?

Summary of Findings:

Officer Velasquex did write and submit a report, and so this issue was exonerated.

While any officer may have recorded the incident, not a single one turned in the digital recording, under various excuses. Therefore, this issue was sustained for Officers Burt, C. Vaughn, McDonnell and Velasquex.

The complainant did not asked to be treated medically, and so the issue of the officers harming him was exonerated.

What the complainant took as a threat from Officer Velasquex was actually an order, and so the issue of professional misconduct from Officer Velasquex was exonerated.