Police Complaints

CPC 183-10: Officers neglect duty and bully in a middle school fashion

Date of Incident or Complaint:
Date Published or Updated on Web Site:
Complainant: Redacted

Officers Christine Apodaca and Melanie Espinosa give threatening calls to a coworker over the phone-while on duty.

Summary of Allegations:

Did Officer Apodaca and Officer Espinosa seek to use their positions of power to terrify?

Did Officer Apodaca conduct herself professionally?

Did Officer Apodaca allow herself to be distracted from duty and instead participate in personal affairs?

Was Officer Apodaca dishonest when questions were asked of her about this incident?

All the same allegations apply to Officer Espinosa.

Summary of Findings:

Both officers were threatening the complainant, and there is evidence to support this. They were using their positions to terrify, and so this issue was sustained.

Officer Apodaca directly violated SOP, which was not professional conduct, and so this issue was sustained.

Officer Apodaca violated SOP’s in her haste to solve her personal matters, thus being negligent to duty. This issue was sustained.

It was proven that Apodaca lied to her supervisor directly after the phone call, and so this issue was sustained.

All the above issues were repeated and sustained for Officer Espinosa.