Police Complaints

CPC 173-10: Officers force entry

Date of Incident or Complaint:
Date Published or Updated on Web Site:
Complainant: Redacted

Two unidentified officers ran into a house illegally to place a man under arrest.

Summary of Allegations:

Did “Officer P” make a lawful arrest?

Was Officer P’s language appropriate?

Did Officer P and Officer R use appropriate force?

Was “Officer R” within policy to force entry into the apartment?

Was Officer R’s language appropriate?

Summary of Findings:

The arrest was lawful, but the forced entry was not within policy, and so this issue was sustained.

The belt tape captured only one incident of Officer p using foul language, but nevertheless this issue was sustained.

The complainant should not have run from the officers. This issue was exonerated.

This was not within policy. This issue was sustained.

This issue was not sustained.