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CPC 028-11: Creeper cop passes around woman's booking photo

Date of Incident or Complaint:
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While Officer Daniel Webster failed to list a woman's iPod under inventory, Officer Daniel Lopez passes around her booking photo.

Summary of Allegations:

The citizen was arrested for DWI. She alleges that Officer Webster failed to inventory her iPod, and that an unknown creeper cop passed around her booking photo, before it finally got to her boyfriend, another officer.

Summary of Findings:

Officer Webster should have listed her iPod in the inventory, regardless of whether or not it would be towed, to avoid a complaint. That issue is Sustained.

“While the booking photo itself is not a ‘restricted’ item, the fact that Officer Lopez saved it and forwarded it to other officers is not a proper use of information. Curiosity about an acquaintance is one thing; publication of the booking photo under these circumstances is another.”

This issue is Sustained. And highly creepy.

  • I bet this sort of thing happens a lot.

  • God, I hope not.