Police Complaints

Volunteer Opportunity: Investigate Public Records on Excessive Force

Police Complaints is seeking a volunteer to sort through public records and videos documenting use-of-force incidents by the Albuquerque Police Department.

We have received public records that cover just a two-month period in a single command area of the APD. So far, we have about 120 pages and several dozen video and audio recordings taken from officer belt tapes and lapel cameras. The reported incidents include taser discharges, blunt-force applications, take-downs and other uses of lethal and less-than-lethal force.

We are looking for a volunteer investigator to sort through the records, summarize them and help us prioritize them for second-level investigation. We’re looking for someone with the following skills:

  • Organizational and communication skills. Public records are jumbled and confusing. The volunteer must have professional-grade skills in analyzing and presenting data.
  • Good computer and internet skills with experience in downloading, uploading and managing documents. We will train in how to separate, organize, and redact PDF pages.
  • A passion for transparency and accountability and a determination to uncover and expose official wrong-doing.

These documents are just the beginning. We will be obtaining hundreds more pages on excessive force. We also have a backlog of several hundred pages of citizen police complaints. All these documents need to be sorted and processed for publishing on our website. We could really use your help!

If you would like to help, please email .