Police Complaints

Update on child-tasering, Second Amendment cases

We just got back from Metro Court where we spoke to local civil rights attorney Joseph Kennedy about two cases we’ve reported here.

The man who was arrested last summer for carrying legal firearms was scheduled to have a criminal trial today at Metropolitan Court. The man is represented by Mr. Kennedy. Prosecuting officer Marcia Benavides failed to appear. The case was dismissed, without prejudice, for lack of prosecution.

Kennedy said he wasn’t surprised the officer was a no-show, but he was disappointed. “I was hoping she’d be here,” said Kennedy. “I was looking forward to interviewing her.” He’ll have his chance soon enough. Asked if he was planning a civil rights lawsuit, Kennedy just laughed, “Oh yes.”

Kennedy also represents the Tularosa boy who was attacked by taser-wielding cop Chris Webb. We asked if there was any hope of seeing criminal battery charges filed against Webb. “They should, but it’ll never happen,” Kennedy said. “The local DA would never do it.”

In what will come as no surprise to any reader of this blog, Kennedy also said they had already caught Officer Webb lying in some of the statements he’s given so far.

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