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Trey Flynt's Other Side Job: Website with Jokes about Rape and Domestic Abuse

Trey Flynt isn’t just a scam artist. He’s also an adolescent pig.

That’s the picture that emerges from a website Flynt has owned and operated since at least 2008, the Albuquerque Fantasy Football League. The site is ostensibly a sports fan site but it’s also filled with crude, soft-porn photos of skinny women in bikinis and thongs. is linked from the bottom of each page.

Note: The links to Trey Flynt’s website are no longer working. See the comments for info.

Like selling counterfeit merchandise, hosting a spank-ware site is a pretty disreputable side job for a city investigator. But things go from unprofessional to downright revolting in the ‘humor’ section. Flynt warns that “Some of it might be offensive (the best humor usually is),” but even that disclaimer couldn’t prepare us for the truly hateful, sexist jokes we found on Trey Flynt’s website.

A sample:

The domestic abuse joke is illustrated with a photo of an unhappy-looking woman sporting a black eye and bruises around her neck. There’s tons of this garbage on Trey’s site, including nudity and anti-religion insults. We stopped in disgust after seven pages full of it.

Does it matter? Aren’t we all guilty sometimes of a crude joke or an ill-advised wisecrack?

The problem isn’t just a lack of taste; it’s what a website like this does to public confidence in the police oversight process. Just an appearance of sexist hatred on the part of an investigator is enough to make people wonder how fair he can be, for example when investigating allegations of sexism. If a woman complains of sexist behavior from a male cop, can a man like Trey Flynt really investigate the claim impartially? Perhaps he can. But people will wonder.

Consider this:

You’re a woman and a victim of domestic abuse. You call the police, but the officers who arrive don’t believe you. In fact, they think you probably got what you deserved. They refuse to listen to you and they refuse to do anything.

You file a complaint with the Independent Review Office. And then you learn that your complaint is being investigated by a man who thinks that domestic abuse means “a man shouldn’t have to repeat himself.” A man who thinks bruises and black eyes are funny—on a woman.

Trey Flynt’s reputation is irreparably damaged. His integrity and his decency are questionable at best. People won’t trust him. Without the trust of the public and of the police, he can’t do his job.

Our message to Independent Review Officer : fire Trey Flynt.

  • UPDATE: Yesterday, we sent this story to Trey's supervisor, IRO Robin Hammer. This morning, we saw four requests for our story from a city computer. And just now, Trey Flynt's nasty website full of jokes about rape and domestic violence has—disappeared! Now it's time for Trey Flynt to disappear. The man has no credibility, no integrity, and no decency. Tell IRO Robin Hammer: Fire Trey Flynt!