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Trey Flynt bust casts doubt on honesty of Police Oversight investigations

Police Oversight investigator Trey Flynt has been busted selling fake merchandise out of the trunk of his car. Now he’s the subject of a federal investigation. Kim Holland at KRQE news broke the story:

Read the whole story at KRQE.

Is selling cheap knock-offs really such a big deal? Some might say the real crime is selling the real shirts for $300.

But it’s not about $300 jerseys. It’s about honesty and trust. How can Albuquerque citizens and cops trust Trey Flynt to investigate allegations of police misconduct honestly if he’s running a fraudulent side business? How can people trust the Independent Review Officer (IRO) and the Police Oversight Commission if a scam-artist is working for them?

It’s up to the federal investigators to determine if Flynt’s actions rise (or sink) to the level of criminal fraud. Here are some of the facts shown in the video that they’ll be evaluating:

  • Trey tells a buyer he’s just “cutting out the middle guy,” maybe suggesting that’s why his prices are so good.
  • When asked by the reporter on camera, Trey claims he doesn’t know whether the jerseys are real or not. It seems extremely unlikely that he wouldn’t know.
  • Trey advertises that his jerseys come “with all tags,” perhaps implying they are genuine merchandise.
  • Trey meets a buyer in the parking lot of the city office where he works his day job. Now investigators have confiscated his work computer to determine if he’s been misusing other city resources to run his side business.

At Police Complaints, we’ve learned that all of Flint’s Craigslist ads have recently been deleted. Unless this was done at the direction of the federal investigators, this could constitute tampering with evidence, a crime in its own right.

We have several clients with pending citizen complaints filed with the Independent Review Office. At least two of those cases are currently assigned to Trey Flynt. We are advising our clients to contact IRO Robin Hammer and ask that their cases be re-assigned to another investigator. Whatever the result of the federal investigation, we don’t trust Trey Flynt and we don’t think the people or the police of Albuquerque will either.

  • Being that Chief Ray Shultz placed Lt. Mike Miller under investigation back in August, I would advice anyone with a pending complaint with the IRO to also ask the IRO to ban him from any investigations also. I filed a complaint/request concerning Lt. Miller with the IRO a few days after the Chief's press conference aired (KRQE Aug 17th). She and the POC legal council have sat on that information and refuse to pass it along to the Commissioners under the guise that it would be ex parte communication because I have a pending unrelated complaint CPC210-12.....