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IRO investigator subject of federal criminal investigation

More bad press for the Police Oversight Commission. Last month, we reported that POC chairperson Linda Martinez is also actively involved in the Fraternal Order of Police. Now KOAT News and KRQE News are reporting that one of the POC investigators is the subject of a criminal investigation.

KOAT didn’t identify the man, but a source informs us that he is Trey Flynt, who has worked for the Independent Review Office since 2000. His job is investigating citizen complaints against Albuquerque police officers.

From the story by Lauren Zakalik, City investigator target of city, federal investigation:

A city employee who investigates allegations against police officers is under investigation himself at the federal level.

Selling fake or unlicensed merchandise is a federal crime. Federal authorities would not confirm that’s the reason they’re looking into the city of Albuquerque investigator, but the city did.

Target 7 went to the home of the city employee in question in hopes of shedding some light on the very strange and secretive investigation surrounding him.

The employee works for the city’s Independent Review Office. The office is responsible for investigating complaints against the Albuquerque Police Department.

Target 7 is not naming the employee because he has not been charged. The city of Albuquerque said the employee is under administrative review after learning he might have been selling unlicensed jerseys.

Homeland Security investigators said they too have an open investigation on the employee, but won’t reveal why.

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  • Kim Holland at KRQE did the investigation that exposed Flynt. Her story tonight names Trey Flynt. We'll post a link as soon as it goes online.