Police Complaints

Does the Police Union contract really require hiding info from the POC?

Investigators reporting to the Albuquerque Police Oversight Commission deliver only summaries of their investigations and commissioners have recently complained about these inadequate summaries. The reports also omit the names of police officers accused of misconduct, as well as any information about the discipline meted out to officers who violated the APD Standard Operating Procedures.

Even though names and discipline are public records, the City claims that their contract with the police union requires them to withhold this information from the Commission.

Are they right?

Local activist Silvio Dell’Angela made an IPRA demand and received a copy of the police union contract. We have published it in our ‘Tools’ section.

Read paragraph 20.1.10 in the contract for yourself. It specifically provides that info about discipline shall be released to the POC:

The only information released to the Police Oversight Commission, will consist of the alleged charges, disposition of the case (i.e., findings of sustained/not sustained), and any discipline imposed.

Of course, this is in accordance with the POC Ordinance (see ยง 9-4-1-9-B), with IPRA , and with the NM Attorney General’s legal determination.

So why does the POC keep getting censored reports?