Police Complaints

Police Oversight Commission, October 2102 meeting

The newest Police Oversight Commissioners continue to make trouble for their dysfunctional colleagues. This month, they actually insisted on reading documents before approving them. Commissioner Bambi Folk was so overcome by frustration that she ended the meeting by practically shouting at her fellow commissioners, blaming them for making too much work. It was quite a scene.

Commissioner Shine moved that a citizen’s appeal be continued till the following month so that the POC could obtain detailed information from the IRO they would need to form a reasoned judgment. This motion was opposed by Bambi Folk, predictably, but passed, with the approval of the affected citizen.

Bambi Folk scheming to obstruct a committee

Commissioners resolved to form a public outreach committee to assist the IRO with preparing materials that will be used to communicate more effectively with the public about the IRO process.

Most interestingly, Bambi Folk volunteered to serve on this committee (at 2:40:17), and then voted against its creation! (at 2:40:50)

Members of the public would be quite justified in interpreting Folk’s actions as an effort to sabotage a committee she was unable to outvote. Bambi Folk should not be allowed on the public outreach committee. She voted against the formation of this committee. How can she possibly claim to be able to serve on a committee she believes serves no useful purpose?

Citizens who live in City Council District 4 should contact their councilman, Brad Winter, who sponsored Folk’s appointment to the POC, and demand she be removed from the Public Outreach Committee of the Police Oversight Commission.

  • that Bambi needs to go!

  • 'Bambi' couldn't be more rude and disruptive in her invidiousness of the general welfare-her intemperance of citizen rights is only rivaled by that old man francis-they've spent yrs being contemptuous of the public's rights on POC, they can't see past themselves. That old man francis only wakes up to defend his pet agenda... Both of them lack impartiality and they should also walk! Linda-nice lady must go per overt conflict of interest