Police Complaints

Journal Editorial: APD Oversight Enters the World of Farce

From today’s Albuquerque Journal:

The new lows reached by Albuquerque’s Police Oversight Commission would be funny if the stakes didn’t involve life and death.

How else to describe a commission that proposes censuring a member, then spends around 20 minutes looking up the word “censure”? Or reads thoughts in a dead man’s head and surmises he wanted to commit “suicide by cop” because while he was dying he told an officer “the gun wasn’t loaded. I wouldn’t have shot you guys”?

But then, this is the same commission that threw out a citizen who wanted to comment on an item on its public meeting agenda. The same commission that unanimously endorsed its chairwoman, who belongs to a police support group that opposes citizen review of law enforcement.

Cue the calliope and the clown car.

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  • This is the Citizen who got thrown out for excersizing my First Ammendment Rights, Andres Valdez Executive Director of Vecinos United. Vecinos United is calling for your attendance and support for a peaceful and brief Sit-in at the Mayor's Office, January 23, 2013, 3:00 PM. in commemoraton of Dr. Martin Luther King

  • APD is the worst joke I've ever, seen, heard of, and delt with in my life, its cause my familly manny mental and emotional problems from a "mistakin" early realease of a murderer/drug dealer/ etc.