Police Complaints

Volunteer Opportunity: Redacting Citizen Complaint Files

We are building a Registry of all citizen complaints against the Albuquerque police department. Now we need your help so we can publish more info about more bad cops.

Police Complaints has a backlog of about 80 citizen complaint files. These files document numerous cases of misconduct by Albuquerque Police Officers. Before we can publish them on our website, we need to redact them, blocking out the personal information of the citizens who filed the complaints in order to protect their privacy.

Can you volunteer to redact just five or ten citizen police complaints? It is easy work, but very detail-oriented. You need to be computer- and internet-literate and you need a passion for exposing police misconduct. We will email you the files in PDF format. You can upload each file to a website we give you. There you can use simple point-and-click tools to cover up all the personal info you find in the document. Then you just email the document back to us for publishing in the Complaints Registry.

Please email if you can help. Thank you!