Police Complaints

Our official complaint about Trey Flynt's unprofessional behavior

Last week, we broke the story about city investigator Trey Flynt’s website, which publishes hateful jokes about rape, pedophilia and domestic abuse.

Below is the letter we sent to Trey’s supervisor, Independent Review Officer Robin Hammer.

The morning after we sent this email, Trey Flynt’s website was taken offline. Robin Hammer later confirmed that Flynt is under investigation.

Email sent to IRO Robin Hammer

Date: Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 7:31 PM
Subject: Complaint about Trey Flynt
To: Robin Hammer rhammer@cabq.gov

Ms Hammer,

We have learned that investigator Trey Flynt owns and operates a
website that publishes soft-core porn and hateful jokes about rape and
domestic violence. We believe this site destroys his credibility with
the public. We ask that you bring this complaint to the attention of
the Police Oversight Commission.

Flynt’s website is:


Trey Flynt’s personal email address is linked from the bottom of every
page. Registration showing him to be the owner of the domain can be
seen here:


I have attached an image of some of the more egregiously sexist
material from the Web site. There is a great deal more. We have
documented the worst of it on the following Web page:


One of Flynt’s jokes goes like this: “Domestic abuse: Because a man
shouldn’t have to repeat himself.”

Consider this:

You’re a woman and the victim of domestic abuse. You call the police,
but the officers who arrive don’t believe you. In fact, they think you
probably got what you deserved. They refuse to listen to you and they
refuse to do anything.

You file a complaint with the Independent Review Office. And then you
learn that your complaint is being investigated by a man who thinks
that domestic abuse means “a man shouldn’t have to repeat himself.” A
man who thinks bruises and black eyes are funny—on a woman.

Trey Flynt’s reputation is irreparably damaged. His integrity and his
decency are questionable at best. People won’t trust him. Without the
trust of the public and of the police, he can’t do his job.

Fire Trey Flynt.

  • His co-workers aren't too happy, especially when I asked in a public meeting what did they know and when did they know it...... Oh, I got that question tossed out there in a TV News interview too..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lthpf1oPkdY