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New Cover-Up: Albuquerque Police Illegally Suppressing Public Complaints

Complaints against police officers are public records in New Mexico. At PoliceComplaints.info, we have published hundreds of pages of citizen police complaints. We have never had any difficulty obtaining these public records.

Until now.

The Albuquerque Police Department is the records custodian of citizen police complaints. They recently instituted a new policy of censoring these public records. They still send them out on demand, but not before redacting them, blocking out virtually all the relevant information. This new APD policy makes a complete mockery of the citizens’ right to inspect records and hold police officers accountable for misconduct.

Last year, Police Complaints requested and received citizen complaints against APD officer Steve Hindi, one of Albuquerque’s most complained-about cops. And last month, a journalist from KUNM radio requested the same documents.

The sample documents below illustrate APD’s new public records policy.

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Cops say APD is a sink of adultery and promiscuity

Officer Nick Wheeler of the APD says hundreds of APD cops sleep around the department. He would know. His wife Samantha says Nick was sleeping with her close friend, Tera, late wife of accused murderer and fellow officer Levi Chavez, who probably didn’t even notice, since he was so busy with Officer Heather Hindi, who left her husband Officer Steve Hindi and got herself taken off the prosecution’s witness list for Chavez’s upcoming trial by marrying the guy.

The sordid story is told in sworn testimonies by officers tangled up in the Tera Chavez case, described in an Albuquerque Journal article, Suit: APD Affairs Figured in Death by Scott Sandlin.