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Mayor Berry Recommends Changes to Police Oversight Process

From a press release issued January 27, 2012 by Mayor Berry:

Albuquerque – Mayor Richard J. Berry sent seventeen recommendations to the City Council Friday that if adopted would significantly enhance the city’s police oversight process.

The recommendations come after Mayor Berry and his public safety team spent the past three months reviewing a report that was issued by MGT of America. The report, which was commissioned by the City Council as part of the police oversight ordinance, made several recommendations for the Police Department, the Independent Review Office, the Administration and the City Council to change the city’s police oversight process.

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APD returning to tougher hiring standards


Mayor Richard J. Berry on Thursday announced big changes at the Albuquerque Police Department academy including a return to tougher standards for would-be officers. Cadets coming in with the 108th class will have need to have at least 60 hours of college credit or three years of military service.

The education and military service requirements were instituted in 1994 but dropped five years later in an effort to fill the ranks of the police force.

Joey Sigala, president of the Albuquerque Police Officers Association , the union representing APD officers, said the move makes a strong statement that officers now on the job are not qualified. Berry disagreed.

See the Mayor’s press release announcing the new policies.

Former City Official: Police Department In Total Turmoil

Seems every week someone new steps up and says APD has serious problems. And every time, the mayor and the chief say the same thing. No problems. None at all. Absolutely nothing to worry about. Do they imagine that this kind of flat denial makes us feel better?

From KOAT News:

The city’s former public safety director told Target 7 that the Albuquerque Police Department is in turmoil, but the police chief and mayor deny that claim.

“Instead of serve and protect, the general public has a definite feeling the department is out of control,” [Pete] Dinelli said. “There are too many police-involved shootings, and there’s a lot of concern about the direction it’s going in.”

“I don’t see any evidence the department is out of control,” Berry said.

I wonder what an out-of-control police department would look like to the mayor? Maybe one that shoots someone he loves?

Summary of the Darren White Investigation

This is the summary of the investigation of Darren White released by the Mayor’s office. Independent Review Officer Judge William Deaton has said that the entire text of the report, which he calls a “superior investigation,” should be released to the public. Will Mayor Berry do it? And why exactly is it Berry’s decision whether to release the results of an investigation paid for with public money?