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APD claims to have lost every single video from the Prisoner Transport Center

A local police oversight activist was recently researching a citizen’s claim of excessive force. The activist made an IPRA demand to inspect the surveillance video taken on a particular day at the Prisoner Transport Unit, where arrestees are processed before being transported to the jail. He had hoped to see video evidence supporting or disproving the citizen’s claims.

The police department claims to have lost that video. Incredibly, they claim to have lost every single video taken at the PTU before August 8, 2012. Here is their response:

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City refuses to hand over Andrew Hsu's complaint file

One of our volunteers requested Officer Andrew Hsu’s complaint file from the Albuquerque Police Department. Andrew Hsu, of course, is the cop who recently got his 15 minutes of YouTube fame by beating a citizen in front of a video camera.

The city refuses to provide Hsu’s records, at least at this time. Here’s what they said:

We received your Inspection of Public Records Request. Under IPRA 14-2-1(A)(4) NMSA 1978, Deputy Chief Beth Paiz has determined that the record is exempt from disclosure at this time due to an active criminal investigation that could interfere with witness statements. We will make the record available at such time in which is [sic] does not interfere with an active investigation.