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Police use force to suppress comment at Police Oversight Commission

The Albuquerque Police Oversight Commission voted unanimously last night in support of chairperson Linda Martinez. But first, they re-arranged the agenda to prevent the public from speaking about Martinez’ involvement with the Fraternal Order of Police. When citizens protested, armed police officers were called and one man was ejected from the meeting.

Linda Martinez has sat on the Police Oversight Commission since 2008. She is also a national trustee and past president for the Fraternal Order of Police, a pro-cop advocacy group that specifically opposes citizen oversight of the police. This appearance of a conflict of interest was first reported by Police Complaints in October.

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ABQ City Council reviews the Police Oversight Commission Ordinance

Video from the Albuquerque City Council meeting of February 7, 2012.

Councilors note receipt of several reports:

  • report on the Police Oversight Commission from MGT of America
  • Quarterly report from the Independent Review Officer

Includes citizen comments highly critical of the Police Oversight Commission.