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Journal Editorial: APD Oversight Enters the World of Farce

From today’s Albuquerque Journal:

The new lows reached by Albuquerque’s Police Oversight Commission would be funny if the stakes didn’t involve life and death.

How else to describe a commission that proposes censuring a member, then spends around 20 minutes looking up the word “censure”? Or reads thoughts in a dead man’s head and surmises he wanted to commit “suicide by cop” because while he was dying he told an officer “the gun wasn’t loaded. I wouldn’t have shot you guys”?

But then, this is the same commission that threw out a citizen who wanted to comment on an item on its public meeting agenda. The same commission that unanimously endorsed its chairwoman, who belongs to a police support group that opposes citizen review of law enforcement.

Cue the calliope and the clown car.

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Former City Official: Police Department In Total Turmoil

Seems every week someone new steps up and says APD has serious problems. And every time, the mayor and the chief say the same thing. No problems. None at all. Absolutely nothing to worry about. Do they imagine that this kind of flat denial makes us feel better?

From KOAT News:

The city’s former public safety director told Target 7 that the Albuquerque Police Department is in turmoil, but the police chief and mayor deny that claim.

“Instead of serve and protect, the general public has a definite feeling the department is out of control,” [Pete] Dinelli said. “There are too many police-involved shootings, and there’s a lot of concern about the direction it’s going in.”

“I don’t see any evidence the department is out of control,” Berry said.

I wonder what an out-of-control police department would look like to the mayor? Maybe one that shoots someone he loves?

Former Mayor Jim Baca: APD's problem is the training

From Mayor Baca’s Blog:

When I served as this city’s Mayor from 1998-2002 I was concerned with the training regime at the Police Academy. It was more Marine Corps boot camp that an academy for turning out public servants and police officers. …[I]f Mayor Berry wants to find out why so many police shootings have taken place over the last few years, and why social media statements are outrageous, then go look at the training program.