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IRO Trey Flynt resigns under investigation

Albuquerque city employee Trey Flynt has resigned after KRQE News caught him selling counterfeit merchandise and Police Complaints exposed his hateful, sexist website

Critics of Police Oversight Commission silenced

KRQE did a great story last night about the Police Oversight Commission. How can the commissioners hope to build public trust in the police oversight process when they behave like this? They have betrayed the public trust and gained nothing. They certainly haven’t stopped the people from talking about the obvious pro-cop bias at the POC.

From the KRQE News story by Alex Tomlin:

Albuquerque police have come under a lot of scrutiny lately, so you could see why there’d be some upset people when it surfaced that a group charged with policing the police is headed by a woman who is quite friendly with APD.

On Thursday critics took their complaints to the POC but Police Oversight Commission Chair Linda Martinez had one of those critics kicked out of the meeting.

Moments earlier commissioners, who are named by the City Council and the Mayor, decided to allow Martinez to stay on the board even though it was revealed last month that she is also part of the Fraternal Order of Police—a group that opposes the Police Oversight Commission.

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Local Press Reports on our Story about a City Security Guard

Police Complaints broke the story last week of a city security guard, Andy Fitzgerald, who attacked and choked a man for filming an arrest. Many local media outlets picked up our exclusive report.

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Press Coverage on Investigator Trey Flynt's Website

We exposed the hateful, sexist website of a city employee who investigates citizen complaints against police officers. Here’s some of the media coverage our story received.

The screenshots shown in both newscasts were captured exclusively by Police Complaints before the website was taken offline.

Trey Flynt bust casts doubt on honesty of Police Oversight investigations

Police Oversight investigator Trey Flynt has been busted selling fake merchandise out of the trunk of his car. Now he’s the subject of a federal investigation. Kim Holland at KRQE news broke the story:

Read the whole story at KRQE.

Is selling cheap knock-offs really such a big deal? Some might say the real crime is selling the real shirts for $300.

But it’s not about $300 jerseys. It’s about honesty and trust. How can Albuquerque citizens and cops trust Trey Flynt to investigate allegations of police misconduct honestly if he’s running a fraudulent side business? How can people trust the Independent Review Officer (IRO) and the Police Oversight Commission if a scam-artist is working for them?

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Exclusive Story from Police Complaints Reported on Local News

From the story by KRQE News, Police oversight group blasts APD

An oversight group is accusing Albuquerque Police of making a very illegal arrest and they’ve posted the video online to prove their point.

The group ‘Police Complaints of Albuquerque’ claims the man was arrested for openly carrying a gun which is legal in New Mexico, but the department says the group isn’t telling the whole story.

The video surfaced on YouTube last week and so far it has had more than 460 views.

KRQE did a good job on the story and obtained some interesting comments from APD. The police department says we didn’t tell the whole story. But they also say they’re now investigating the arrest to make sure everything was done correctly. When they finally watch the entire video and compare it to the claims made in the criminal complaint, they’re going to have to decide what to believe.

See our original coverage of this story, researched and reported exclusively by Police Complaints.

Shooter cops and two others sued for force

An Albuquerque business man is suing four cops for roughing him up at his store. Two of the cops being sued have shot and killed citizens, and one has already been fired for it.

From KRQE News, Comic store owner suing APD for force:

A comic book shop owner is suing APD and four officers, a couple of whom have been at the center of controversy and big lawsuits, for allegedly roughing him up.

Jim Burleson, who used to own Tall Tale Comics in the Northeast Heights, said four men, Officers Brandon Carr, Bret Lampiris-Tremba, Luke Languit and Daniel Lopez, walked into his store in July 2010.

Burleson said the men asked to speak with him, so he escorted them to his office. Burleson said the men quickly started to become aggressive.

Burleson said when he ordered the four men out of his store, they attacked him.

Former APD Sergeant arrested for DWI

From KRQE News:

He was an off duty APD Sergeant when he backed over a woman in a bar parking lot killing her.

Police said he even admitted to partying and blacking out that night but the charges against Andrew Gallegos were dropped.

News 13 has learned he has a new job as a cop and new trouble.

Gallegos was arrested early Saturday morning after police said he was doing 59 in a 40mph zone down Eubank on his motorcycle.

The officer said Gallegos was unsteady and smelled like alcohol, but Gallegos, who is now a sergeant with Isleta Pueblo Police, refused to take a filed sobriety test or a breathalyzer.

Volunteer Opportunity: Adopt the shooter cops

Albuquerque police shot and killed another man this month. Between January 2010 and August 2011, they shot 20 people, 15 fatally. That’s a shooting per month.

Despite these terrifying numbers, there is no comprehensive list anywhere on the internet of all the victims and all the shooters. We’ve started work on a list of all the shooter cops but there still a lot of research to do. This is a big volunteer opportunity for someone committed to police accountability.

Is it you? We’re looking for someone to identify the shooter cops so we can add them to our list of shooter cops. Then we need someone to adopt some or all of the couple dozen shooter cops in Albuquerque, look up their complaint records, and regularly report them to us. We need this information so we can maintain up-to-date public profiles of every police officer who has shot a citizen, for whatever reason.

If you or someone you know might be interested in this important service, please contact us.

APD returning to tougher hiring standards


Mayor Richard J. Berry on Thursday announced big changes at the Albuquerque Police Department academy including a return to tougher standards for would-be officers. Cadets coming in with the 108th class will have need to have at least 60 hours of college credit or three years of military service.

The education and military service requirements were instituted in 1994 but dropped five years later in an effort to fill the ranks of the police force.

Joey Sigala, president of the Albuquerque Police Officers Association , the union representing APD officers, said the move makes a strong statement that officers now on the job are not qualified. Berry disagreed.

See the Mayor’s press release announcing the new policies.