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Local Press Reports on our Story about a City Security Guard

Police Complaints broke the story last week of a city security guard, Andy Fitzgerald, who attacked and choked a man for filming an arrest. Many local media outlets picked up our exclusive report.

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Police destroy man's phone. Was it for recording them?

KOB News reports that officer Ryan Graves recently destroyed a man’s mobile phone when the man refused to put the phone away during a detention.

One officer repeatedly told Herrera that he will break the cell phone. According to a criminal complaint, Officer Ryan Graves grabbed the phone and stomped on it. The phone broke into pieces. Police said the officer immediately reported the incident to his supervisor who started an internal affairs investigation. Police say the officer may have to pay for the phone. He has not been suspended.

The KOB news story is unfortunately not very detailed. The complete video from the lapel camera is never shown. The story seems to suggest that the detained man dared the cop to break his phone, but parts of the video suggest that the cop made his threat first.

But the real issue is, why did the man have a phone out and why did the cop object so strenuously to it?

Could it be the cop was being recorded and didn’t like it?

Andrew Hsu's lapel cam shows him trying to pick a fight with a handcuffed man

KOB News obtained the video from APD Officer Andrew Hsu’s lapel camera which recorded the events leading up to Hsu’s recent beating of a citizen in downtown Albuquerque.

From the KOB New story, Officer heard cussing at suspect in lapel cam video:

As Officer Hsu walks up to the fight that had just been broken up, you can hear him say, “Hey police mother [expletive].”

As Hsu detains one of the suspects the officer’s cussing continues. “Why the [expletive] didn’t you listen to us?”

As Officer Hsu goes to pat him down and arrest him you can hear him say, “Spread ‘em [expletive].”

From the time Officer Hsu walks up to the scene he doesn’t miss a chance to cuss. “[Expletive] ruining our [expletive] night. All the [expletive] time you [expletive] do this.”

The news story emphasizes Hsu’s unrestrained and threatening cussing, which is certainly childish and unprofessional, but probably more disturbing is that Hsu apparently attempted to pick a fight with a citizen.

It appears while the suspect was in handcuffs being taken to the squad car, Officer Hsu challenges the suspect to a fight by saying, “You want to scrap? Come on.”

The fact that Hsu was taunting a man in handcuffs says a lot about Hsu’s courage.

Citizen video leads to investigation of excessive force

From KOB

Albuquerque Police Department is opening an internal investigation after a video seen on YouTube shows an officer trying to detain a young man downtown.

Some might say the officer appears to be using excessive force.

A bystander caught cell phone video when a fight broke out on Central Avenue Friday night.

The video clearly shows an APD Officer Andrew Hsu punching and trying to detain Jayson Bernard.