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Albuquerque man choked and handcuffed for filming an arrest

A City of Albuquerque security guard attacked and beat a man for filming him. And it’s all on tape in this exclusive story from Police Complaints.

Andy Fitzgerald works out of the Alvarado Transportation Center, downtown Albuquerque’s main bus and train station. He’s not a police officer, just a city-employed security guard. Last August, he arrested a man who, he says, was intoxicated. When another man began filming the arrest, things got ugly.

Police Complaints interviewed the second man and obtained the video footage he captured with his smart phone. He says he was just a bystander and doesn’t even know the man Fitzgerald had arrested. But when he walked to this bus stop after work, something looked suspicious, so he started filming it.

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Exclusive Video: City Employee Attacks Man with Video Camera

Tune in Tuesday for another exclusive story from Police Complaints.

Is it legal to video-record city employees? A city security guard attacks a man for filming him. And an Albuquerque police officer tries to cover it up. An exclusive report this Tuesday at www.policecomplaints.info

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Exclusive Story from Police Complaints Reported on Local News

From the story by KRQE News, Police oversight group blasts APD

An oversight group is accusing Albuquerque Police of making a very illegal arrest and they’ve posted the video online to prove their point.

The group ‘Police Complaints of Albuquerque’ claims the man was arrested for openly carrying a gun which is legal in New Mexico, but the department says the group isn’t telling the whole story.

The video surfaced on YouTube last week and so far it has had more than 460 views.

KRQE did a good job on the story and obtained some interesting comments from APD. The police department says we didn’t tell the whole story. But they also say they’re now investigating the arrest to make sure everything was done correctly. When they finally watch the entire video and compare it to the claims made in the criminal complaint, they’re going to have to decide what to believe.

See our original coverage of this story, researched and reported exclusively by Police Complaints.

Albuquerque Police Arrest Man For Carrying Legal Weapons

Albuquerque police recently arrested and charged a man who was apparently doing nothing more than carrying a firearm.

According to public records obtained by Police Complaints, the man was seen near San Pedro and Central one evening in August, riding a bicycle and carrying a rifle. Out of respect for his privacy, we have chosen not to release the man’s identity. But we can tell you about the officers who stopped him.

At least six of them were on the scene, several with weapons drawn. Officers on the scene included Marcia Benavides, David Taylor, Peter Silva, Sergeant Bruce Werley, Sergeant Brian Maurer and Lieutenant Gregory Brachle. According to a criminal complaint obtained by Police Complaints, Officer Silva was armed with a taser. Police lapel camera footage shows cops with rifles drawn while questioning the disarmed and seated suspect.

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