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Councilor says Police Oversight Commissioner will be Replaced

The city councilor who nominated a member of the Fraternal Order of Police to the Albuquerque Police Oversight Commission says he will replace her in February.

Ms [Linda] Martinez has been affiliated with the Fraternal Order of Police. She is a volunteer. And as far as I can tell, she’s served honorably. And her term is up in February and we’re going to find somebody else. And we’re going to try to find someone who is not, perhaps, with that direct affiliation. —City Councilor Don Harris

Harris’ remarks start at about 00:36:20 in the video below. Harris was replying to comments from Kenneth Ellis, who objected to allowing an FOP member to serve on the board that reviews police misconduct. Mr Ellis’ son was killed by APD officer Brett Lampiris-Tremba in 2010.

Please email Councilor Harris at and thank him for doing the right thing to restore credibility to the Police Oversight Commission. The Fraternal Order of Police has no business reviewing police misconduct.

Critics of Police Oversight Commission silenced

KRQE did a great story last night about the Police Oversight Commission. How can the commissioners hope to build public trust in the police oversight process when they behave like this? They have betrayed the public trust and gained nothing. They certainly haven’t stopped the people from talking about the obvious pro-cop bias at the POC.

From the KRQE News story by Alex Tomlin:

Albuquerque police have come under a lot of scrutiny lately, so you could see why there’d be some upset people when it surfaced that a group charged with policing the police is headed by a woman who is quite friendly with APD.

On Thursday critics took their complaints to the POC but Police Oversight Commission Chair Linda Martinez had one of those critics kicked out of the meeting.

Moments earlier commissioners, who are named by the City Council and the Mayor, decided to allow Martinez to stay on the board even though it was revealed last month that she is also part of the Fraternal Order of Police—a group that opposes the Police Oversight Commission.

See all our coverage of the Fraternal Order of Police conflict.

Official complaint about Linda Martinez and POC bias

From: Mike Moya
Date: Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 4:29 PM
Subject: Complaint about POC Commissioner
To: “Doug Lutz, Constituent Services” < dlutz@cabq.gov >
Cc: Councilor Don Harris < dharris@cabq.gov >

Mr Lutz,

I am writing with a complaint about an appearance of bias on the
Police Oversight Commission. According to POC Rules and Regulations:

7-A. The Police Oversight Commission will not address complaints
against another commissioner. All Complaints of this nature will be
forwarded to the Mayor’s liaison to the POC.

Since you represent the mayor’s office at POC meetings, I am directing
this complaint to your attention.

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Open Letter to Councilor Harris about bias on the Police Oversight Commission

Councilor Harris,

I demand that you ask for the immediate resignation of your appointee, Ms. Linda Martinez, from her position on the Police Oversight Commission

Ms. Martinez’s long standing and high level of involvement with the Fraternal Order of Police, which opposes any legislation that would create or fund “civilian review boards” of law enforcement at any level of government, is a direct assault to the existence of the POC.

There is no question that Ms. Martinez service on the POC clouds its validity with an appearance of bias and will require her to excuse herself from any and all cases that may come before her. If she does not excuse herself, this glaring conflict of interest and lack of impartiality will surely land the POC and the city into litigation.

Ms. Martinez’s commission on the POC simply isn’t worth the legal liability to the city and the damage being done to the POC’s mission “to promote a spirit of accountability and communication between the citizens and the Albuquerque Police Department while improving community relations and enhancing public confidence”

Respectfully Submitted,

Charles R. Arasim

Police Oversight Commissioner also active in pro-cop advocacy group

The Albuquerque Police Oversight Commission (POC) is supposed to be an independent board of volunteer citizens impanelled to investigate citizen allegations of police misconduct. Although commissioners are supposed to be impartial, nearly every meeting opens with comments from citizens accusing them of pro-cop bias. At Police Complaints, we’ve uncovered strong evidence of just such a bias.

Linda Martinez was appointed to the POC in 2007 and is the current chairperson. She leads the POC meetings, serving essentially as the public face of the Commission. Not so widely or publicly known is her other affiliation as national trustee of the well-known pro-cop advocacy group, the Fraternal Order of Police Auxiliary. Martinez served as recently as early 2012 as president of the local lodge, a position now held by her husband Bob.

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