Police Oversight Investigator Busted Selling Counterfeit Junk

Trey Flynt works for the City of Albuquerque investigating citizen complaints of police misconduct. He also moonlights on the black market, advertising counterfeit sports jerseys on Craigslist and selling them out of the city parking lot where he works. KRQE busted him and now the Department of Homeland Security is investigating him.

On November 29, Police Complaints exposed Trey Flynt’s other side job, a vile website full of crude photos and disgusting jokes about rape and domestic violence. We also sent a complaint to Flynt’s supervisor, IRO Robin Hammer. On November 30, we saw four requests from a city computer for the story, and later that morning, Trey’s disgusting Web site went offline.

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IRO Trey Flynt resigns under investigation

Albuquerque city employee Trey Flynt has resigned after KRQE News caught him selling counterfeit merchandise and Police Complaints exposed his hateful, sexist website

Press Coverage on Investigator Trey Flynt's Website

We exposed the hateful, sexist website of a city employee who investigates citizen complaints against police officers. Here’s some of the media coverage our story received.

The screenshots shown in both newscasts were captured exclusively by Police Complaints before the website was taken offline.

Our official complaint about Trey Flynt's unprofessional behavior

Last week, we broke the story about city investigator Trey Flynt’s website, which publishes hateful jokes about rape, pedophilia and domestic abuse.

Below is the letter we sent to Trey’s supervisor, Independent Review Officer Robin Hammer.

The morning after we sent this email, Trey Flynt’s website was taken offline. Robin Hammer later confirmed that Flynt is under investigation.

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Trey Flynt's Other Side Job: Website with Jokes about Rape and Domestic Abuse

Trey Flynt isn’t just a scam artist. He’s also an adolescent pig.

That’s the picture that emerges from a website Flynt has owned and operated since at least 2008, the Albuquerque Fantasy Football League. The site is ostensibly a sports fan site but it’s also filled with crude, soft-porn photos of skinny women in bikinis and thongs. is linked from the bottom of each page.

Note: The links to Trey Flynt’s website are no longer working. See the comments for info.

Like selling counterfeit merchandise, hosting a spank-ware site is a pretty disreputable side job for a city investigator. But things go from unprofessional to downright revolting in the ‘humor’ section. Flynt warns that “Some of it might be offensive (the best humor usually is),” but even that disclaimer couldn’t prepare us for the truly hateful, sexist jokes we found on Trey Flynt’s website.

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Citizens object to Trey Flynt investigating their complaints

We have several clients with pending complaints against APD officers. Three of those complaints have been assigned to investigator Trey Flynt. Our clients have all requested that a different investigator be assigned. If you have a CPC assigned to Trey Flynt, we recommend that you do the same. Here is the text of the objection we sent to IRO on behalf of our clients:

We showed our client the media coverage of Trey Flynt’s illegal counterfeit business and, as a result, our client does not want Mr Flynt investigating his complaint. Everyone in Albuquerque saw Mr Flynt lie on camera when he said he “didn’t know” whether his jerseys were real or fake. It was an outright lie. Granted, lying to a TV reporter hardly constitutes perjury, but it does say something about Mr Flynt’s honesty and integrity. We do not believe Mr Flynt can be trusted to conduct a fair and honest investigation. If you do not re-assign this complaint to another investigator, our client will likely appeal to the POC any finding he disagrees with at least partly on the grounds of Mr Flynt’s shaky credibility. Then the POC can discuss Mr Flynt’s integrity in a public, televised forum.

The Eye reports that Trey Flynt's supervisors knew about his illegal business

From the Eye on Albuquerque article, Albuquerque’s Independent Review Office has Another Problem:

As recently reported, Mr. Flynt was caught selling counterfeit NFL jerseys. But not only was he caught unlawfully doing this thanks to his self-promoting ads on Craigslist.com as a direct supplier where purchasers can “bypass middlemen” but he apparently did this on City time and on City property. You see Mr. Flynt sold to an undercover news crew! Given that as of this posting the city’s transparency site states that Mr. Flynt earns $25.40/hr and has year-to-date earnings of $46,736.00 we wonder what time he spent “investigating” was actually in furtherence of his on-line retail activities? Given Mr. Flynt committed these crimes while at work, it seems his timesheets should be subject to scrutiny to see if we taxpayers paid hiim while he was working outside the scope of his official duties!

Making matters worse, our Eyes have alerted us that Mr. Flynt’s activities were widely known on the APD’s 5th floor where he frequently gave jerseys of the favorite teams of department leaders and other personnel. Given it seems that it was widespread knowledge that Mr. Flynt was up to no good, why did Chief Schultz and former IRO Deaton permit this activity to continue? What did they know and when did they know it?

Emphasis added. Photo meme by The Eye on Albuquerque.

Trey Flynt bust casts doubt on honesty of Police Oversight investigations

Police Oversight investigator Trey Flynt has been busted selling fake merchandise out of the trunk of his car. Now he’s the subject of a federal investigation. Kim Holland at KRQE news broke the story:

Read the whole story at KRQE.

Is selling cheap knock-offs really such a big deal? Some might say the real crime is selling the real shirts for $300.

But it’s not about $300 jerseys. It’s about honesty and trust. How can Albuquerque citizens and cops trust Trey Flynt to investigate allegations of police misconduct honestly if he’s running a fraudulent side business? How can people trust the Independent Review Officer (IRO) and the Police Oversight Commission if a scam-artist is working for them?

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Trey Flynt's Jersey Ads All Deleted

Trey Flynt appears to have deleted all his Craigslist ads for fake football jerseys. They can still be discovered through a Google search, which reports “This posting has been deleted by its author.”

The city and the feds need to determine when and why these ads were deleted. Unless they were deleted at the direction of federal investigators, deleting these ads may constitute tampering with evidence or interfering with an investigation. Those are crimes in their own right.

IRO investigator subject of federal criminal investigation

More bad press for the Police Oversight Commission. Last month, we reported that POC chairperson Linda Martinez is also actively involved in the Fraternal Order of Police. Now KOAT News and KRQE News are reporting that one of the POC investigators is the subject of a criminal investigation.

KOAT didn’t identify the man, but a source informs us that he is Trey Flynt, who has worked for the Independent Review Office since 2000. His job is investigating citizen complaints against Albuquerque police officers.

From the story by Lauren Zakalik, City investigator target of city, federal investigation:

A city employee who investigates allegations against police officers is under investigation himself at the federal level.

Selling fake or unlicensed merchandise is a federal crime. Federal authorities would not confirm that’s the reason they’re looking into the city of Albuquerque investigator, but the city did.

Target 7 went to the home of the city employee in question in hopes of shedding some light on the very strange and secretive investigation surrounding him.

The employee works for the city’s Independent Review Office. The office is responsible for investigating complaints against the Albuquerque Police Department.

Target 7 is not naming the employee because he has not been charged. The city of Albuquerque said the employee is under administrative review after learning he might have been selling unlicensed jerseys.

Homeland Security investigators said they too have an open investigation on the employee, but won’t reveal why.

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