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City Employees Prevent Citizens from Communicating with the POC

At last month’s meeting of the Albuquerque Police Oversight Commission, one of the commissioners complained when we made an announcement during public comments. All the commissioners (except one) were quite surprised when we told them that their colleague Linda Martinez is also active in the Fraternal Order of Police. Commissioner Shine asked why we didn’t tell them about it sooner instead of announcing unexpectedly it during public comments.

It sounds like a great idea. If we could have told them sooner, it might have enabled them to address the problem at that meeting, instead of postponing it to the next one. Certainly we’d have been happy to get the information to them sooner. But exactly how were we supposed to do that?

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Police Complaints on the nightly news again

Royale Da at KOAT did a great story about Police Complaints. From the story, Website seeks to monitor Albuquerque police:

A website calls for citizens to document police activity in order to hold the Albuquerque Police Department accountable.

Policecomplaints.info offers information gathered from public records, with things like formal complaints filed against officers and lapel camera video of arrests.

The web site even asks citizens to “adopt” a police officer.

Remember, we are always looking for people to adopt a cop and help us hold them accountable. And please like our Facebook page and share our stories with your Facebook friends.

Open Letter to Councilor Harris about bias on the Police Oversight Commission

Councilor Harris,

I demand that you ask for the immediate resignation of your appointee, Ms. Linda Martinez, from her position on the Police Oversight Commission

Ms. Martinez’s long standing and high level of involvement with the Fraternal Order of Police, which opposes any legislation that would create or fund “civilian review boards” of law enforcement at any level of government, is a direct assault to the existence of the POC.

There is no question that Ms. Martinez service on the POC clouds its validity with an appearance of bias and will require her to excuse herself from any and all cases that may come before her. If she does not excuse herself, this glaring conflict of interest and lack of impartiality will surely land the POC and the city into litigation.

Ms. Martinez’s commission on the POC simply isn’t worth the legal liability to the city and the damage being done to the POC’s mission “to promote a spirit of accountability and communication between the citizens and the Albuquerque Police Department while improving community relations and enhancing public confidence”

Respectfully Submitted,

Charles R. Arasim

Another letter to Councilor Winter about Commissioner Bambi Folk

Police Oversight activist Charles Arasim sent us this letter, which he sent to Councilor Brad Winter and read aloud at last night’s City Council Meeting.

Councilor Winter,

I demand that you ask for the immediate resignation of your appointee, Ms. Bambi Folk from her position on the Police Oversight Commission.

Ms. Folk’s appalling on air display (currently video documented on the city’s website) at the October 11, 2012 POC meeting clearly revealed her contempt not only for her fellow volunteer commissioners, but also for fair appeal hearings and the constitutional protections due the citizenry at large. Her bullying of her fellow commissioners to approve unseen minutes from the previous month’s Commission meeting clearly demonstrated her lack of knowledge in matters that will become public record.

Additionally, her offer to volunteer as a member and then to later vote against the establishment of a proposed subcommittee, whose task would be to assist the newly hired IRO (Ms. Robin Hammer) in the development of materials for a POC Community Outreach Program, is an unmistakable example of her obstructive nature to the efforts of her fellow Commissioners who are diligently working to restore honor to the disgraceful shambles this Commission has become under her supervision as vice-chair.

Ms. Folk’s on the record statements and actions bear out her failure to her duty and stated mission of her office “to promote a spirit of accountability and communication between the citizens and the Albuquerque Police Department while improving community relations and enhancing public confidence”.

Simply put, the longer Ms. Folk remains on this legally binding Commission, the greater of a legal liability and embarrassment she becomes to not only the city of Albuquerque, but also to the taxpayers you have sworn to protect.

Respectfully Submitted,

Charles R. Arasim

Report from the Police Oversight Commission's Long-Term Planning Committee

By Charles Arasim, Police Oversight Activist

Having had some experience with the Albuquerque Police Oversight Commission I have kept an eye on ongoing events.

During the last few meetings of the POC I have heard the commissioners refer to another board called the LTPC (Long Term Planning Commission). Being that there is no listing of the LTPC on the City of Albuquerque’s website I called the City’s 311 information number only to discover that they had no information on this group. Not letting that be a roadblock, I then made a direct call to the POC office and discovered that the LTPC is a subgroup of three of the POC commissioners (Ms. Valerie St. John, Mr. Richard Sobien, and Ms. Bambi Folk) and that they meet on the last Thursday of each month. It appears that the main purpose of the LTPC meetings is for an open (to the public) discussion between the commissioners and the staff of the POC where they discuss practices and polices.

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Are our Police Oversight Commissioners fit for duty?

Activist Charles Arasim sat in on a meeting of the Police Oversight Commission and observed commissioners Bambi Folk and Richard Sobien, who occasionally appeared “oblivious to the proceedings” due to use of prescription drugs.

Below, Mr Arasim’s letter to the mayor and the chief of police:

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