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New Claims Against Security Officer Andy Fitzgerald

Police Complaints showed the explosive video of Andy Fitzgerald attacking a man for filming him. Now KOAT News has reported new claims of misconduct by Fitzgerald. An anonymous witness has come forward and says she saw Fitzgerald harassing a bus passenger in November. Watch the KOAT story here.

Local Press Reports on our Story about a City Security Guard

Police Complaints broke the story last week of a city security guard, Andy Fitzgerald, who attacked and choked a man for filming an arrest. Many local media outlets picked up our exclusive report.

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Albuquerque man choked and handcuffed for filming an arrest

A City of Albuquerque security guard attacked and beat a man for filming him. And it’s all on tape in this exclusive story from Police Complaints.

Andy Fitzgerald works out of the Alvarado Transportation Center, downtown Albuquerque’s main bus and train station. He’s not a police officer, just a city-employed security guard. Last August, he arrested a man who, he says, was intoxicated. When another man began filming the arrest, things got ugly.

Police Complaints interviewed the second man and obtained the video footage he captured with his smart phone. He says he was just a bystander and doesn’t even know the man Fitzgerald had arrested. But when he walked to this bus stop after work, something looked suspicious, so he started filming it.

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Exclusive Video: City Employee Attacks Man with Video Camera

Tune in Tuesday for another exclusive story from Police Complaints.

Is it legal to video-record city employees? A city security guard attacks a man for filming him. And an Albuquerque police officer tries to cover it up. An exclusive report this Tuesday at www.policecomplaints.info

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ABQ Transit Standard Operating Procedures Posted

We’ve posted the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the Albuquerque Transit Security Guards. Read them now in our “Tools” section.

The Albuquerque Transit Department manages the city’s busses and bus stations. They employ a staff of security guards. These guards are dressed like cops and carry weapons, but they are not police officers. This does not stop them from using force, often illegally, to arrest people. We have obtained their SOPs and are pursuing action against guards with a history of illegal use of force.

When we originally requested this document, security supervisor John Baker (he calls himself “Lieutenant”) refused to release it to us. Of course, we forced him to let us scan the document by means of a simple IPRA demand. Now anyone can read this public record at Police Complaints.