Police Complaints

Open Letter to Councilor Harris about bias on the Police Oversight Commission

Councilor Harris,

I demand that you ask for the immediate resignation of your appointee, Ms. Linda Martinez, from her position on the Police Oversight Commission

Ms. Martinez’s long standing and high level of involvement with the Fraternal Order of Police, which opposes any legislation that would create or fund “civilian review boards” of law enforcement at any level of government, is a direct assault to the existence of the POC.

There is no question that Ms. Martinez service on the POC clouds its validity with an appearance of bias and will require her to excuse herself from any and all cases that may come before her. If she does not excuse herself, this glaring conflict of interest and lack of impartiality will surely land the POC and the city into litigation.

Ms. Martinez’s commission on the POC simply isn’t worth the legal liability to the city and the damage being done to the POC’s mission “to promote a spirit of accountability and communication between the citizens and the Albuquerque Police Department while improving community relations and enhancing public confidence”

Respectfully Submitted,

Charles R. Arasim