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Open Letter to City Councilor Brad Winter regarding Bambi Folk, his appointee to the POC

Brad Winter is the city councilor for Albuquerque District 4. He nominated Bambi Folk in 2007 to represent his district on the Albuquerque Police Oversight Commission. We believe Folk’s conduct on the commission has become increasingly unprofessional and obstructive. We sent Winter the following letter earlier this week asking him to look into the matter.

Councilor Winter,

I am very concerned about some of the behavior by your POC appointee Bambi Folk, which I witnessed at last week’s POC meeting. I found much of Ms Folk’s behavior to be unprofessional and to reflect poorly on the Commission, but I was especially disturbed and confused by one particular thing she did.

Commissioners were discussing the creation of a public outreach subcommittee and Folk expressed her disagreement with a good deal of visible annoyance. She ultimately voted against the formation of the committee. Of course, it is her right and duty to vote against any motion that she disagrees with. But it seemed very strange to me that she first volunteered to serve on the committee. Why would she volunteer to serve on a committee that she later voted against? It seemed to me that she knew the vote would go against her and the committee would be created, as indeed it was. I believe she volunteered to serve on the committee because she hopes to be able to subvert it as a member in case she couldn’t out-vote it as a commissioner.

You can see it all here:


Perhaps she has another explanation and she should be asked to give it. To me, though, her behavior has every appearance of being deliberately obstructive.

I hope you will look into this.

Sincerely yours,

Mike Moya