Police Complaints

The Eye reports that Trey Flynt's supervisors knew about his illegal business

From the Eye on Albuquerque article, Albuquerque’s Independent Review Office has Another Problem:

As recently reported, Mr. Flynt was caught selling counterfeit NFL jerseys. But not only was he caught unlawfully doing this thanks to his self-promoting ads on Craigslist.com as a direct supplier where purchasers can “bypass middlemen” but he apparently did this on City time and on City property. You see Mr. Flynt sold to an undercover news crew! Given that as of this posting the city’s transparency site states that Mr. Flynt earns $25.40/hr and has year-to-date earnings of $46,736.00 we wonder what time he spent “investigating” was actually in furtherence of his on-line retail activities? Given Mr. Flynt committed these crimes while at work, it seems his timesheets should be subject to scrutiny to see if we taxpayers paid hiim while he was working outside the scope of his official duties!

Making matters worse, our Eyes have alerted us that Mr. Flynt’s activities were widely known on the APD’s 5th floor where he frequently gave jerseys of the favorite teams of department leaders and other personnel. Given it seems that it was widespread knowledge that Mr. Flynt was up to no good, why did Chief Schultz and former IRO Deaton permit this activity to continue? What did they know and when did they know it?

Emphasis added. Photo meme by The Eye on Albuquerque.