Police Complaints

Critics of Police Oversight Commission silenced

KRQE did a great story last night about the Police Oversight Commission. How can the commissioners hope to build public trust in the police oversight process when they behave like this? They have betrayed the public trust and gained nothing. They certainly haven’t stopped the people from talking about the obvious pro-cop bias at the POC.

From the KRQE News story by Alex Tomlin:

Albuquerque police have come under a lot of scrutiny lately, so you could see why there’d be some upset people when it surfaced that a group charged with policing the police is headed by a woman who is quite friendly with APD.

On Thursday critics took their complaints to the POC but Police Oversight Commission Chair Linda Martinez had one of those critics kicked out of the meeting.

Moments earlier commissioners, who are named by the City Council and the Mayor, decided to allow Martinez to stay on the board even though it was revealed last month that she is also part of the Fraternal Order of Police—a group that opposes the Police Oversight Commission.

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  • The POC circus is being exposed. The whole process has to be changed.

  • I agree MIke. I must say I am still reeling from not being asked to be part of the discussion on the Martinez issue, but then to be threatened with being bodily thrown out to even murmur a word about their decision by APD thugs is just too much. A s*@tstorm is brewing and I hope the citizens of Albuquerque fill the seats at all of these POC meetings from now on.