Police Complaints

Citizens object to Trey Flynt investigating their complaints

We have several clients with pending complaints against APD officers. Three of those complaints have been assigned to investigator Trey Flynt. Our clients have all requested that a different investigator be assigned. If you have a CPC assigned to Trey Flynt, we recommend that you do the same. Here is the text of the objection we sent to IRO on behalf of our clients:

We showed our client the media coverage of Trey Flynt’s illegal counterfeit business and, as a result, our client does not want Mr Flynt investigating his complaint. Everyone in Albuquerque saw Mr Flynt lie on camera when he said he “didn’t know” whether his jerseys were real or fake. It was an outright lie. Granted, lying to a TV reporter hardly constitutes perjury, but it does say something about Mr Flynt’s honesty and integrity. We do not believe Mr Flynt can be trusted to conduct a fair and honest investigation. If you do not re-assign this complaint to another investigator, our client will likely appeal to the POC any finding he disagrees with at least partly on the grounds of Mr Flynt’s shaky credibility. Then the POC can discuss Mr Flynt’s integrity in a public, televised forum.

  • Just go view the May 2012 POC meeting and how they handled my CPC appeal. Everything I said there is coming back to haunt the POC.