Police Complaints

Can APD Beat Its Rap? —from Alibi.com

Shootings, lack of oversight have plagued police for years

By Carolyn Carlson. Read the full story at Alibi.com

When the City Council voted to ask the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the Albuquerque Police Department earlier this month, the feds responded that they were already considering it.

But this is not the first probe—not even the first this year.

A string of deadly officer-involved shootings, several social media faux pas and allegations of cover-ups haunt the department. In a June ruling by State District Judge Theresa Baca, she questioned the department’s credibility and blasted training methods that she said are “designed to result in the unreasonable use of deadly force.” Taxpayer money bleeds from city coffers to defend dozens of police misconduct lawsuits, with settlements costing the city millions in the last few years.