About PoliceComplaints.info

PoliceComplaints.info was established in 2011 to make public records about police officers more accessible to the communities to whom the officers are accountable.

When it comes to public records, our philosophy is: They’re not public until they’re published. Most cities and police departments in the United States have official processes in place that permit citizens to file complaints against police officers that the citizen believes may have violated the law, the Constitution, or departmental policies and procedures. Recognizing that accountability is essential to building public trust, most police departments have a process for accepting and reviewing citizen complaints in an impartial and independent manner.

Unfortunately, certain interests wish these investigations to be conducted behind closed doors with little or no public scrutiny or oversight. At PoliceComplaints.info, we believe this kind of secrecy is contrary to the ideals of a free society and counter-productive to fostering public trust in the police. We believe these records should be published by the police departments themselves at least as widely as they publish records about arrests and convictions of citizens. Unfortunately, a double-standard has emerged, where citizens may find their mug shots and accounts of their arrest published in local newspapers and on local Web sites, while information about police misconduct gets scant coverage, if any.

An important measure of freedom is equal treatment under the law of all citizens, including police officers. PoliceComplaints.info exists to correct the imbalance and ensure that public information about police officers is as easy to find as public information about any other citizen.

PoliceComplaints.info is not an “anti-cop” Web site. Our mission is transparency and accountability to promote healthier relationships between police and the communities they serve and live in. We are confident that no good cop need ever fear a public review of his or her public record.